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Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Scripps College. Here are their stories.

Rebecca Sparks

Alum Supports BIPOC Students with 50th Reunion Year Gift

Rebecca Sparks ’71 has long considered herself an advocate for social justice. As a student at Scripps 50 years ago, she remembers the influence of the civil rights movement and sees parallels with the Black Lives Matter movement and current events.
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Merrilee Stewart Howard

Merrilee Stewart Howard '70 Honors Her Mother's College Journey With Gift to Scripps Scholarships

"I put a large portion of my inheritance into a charitable gift annuity because it was a way of honoring my mother and celebrating my 50th Reunion year," says Howard. "I've designated the funds to the Class of 1970 Endowed Scholarship in her memory."
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Emily Porter with her family

Sharing a Seat at the Table

When is the best time to include Scripps College in your estate planning? It’s never too early… Having celebrated her 15th reunion year in 2019, Emily Porter ’04 has become one of our youngest alums to include Scripps College in her estate plan.
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Susan and John

Providing 'Lift-Off' for Future Students

Since graduating, Dr. Susan Lovell McLaughlin '62 has returned to Scripps in various roles: professor, bride, volunteer, and camper. Each role has only deepened her connection to Scripps, moving her and her husband, John McLaughlin, to leave a percentage of their family trust estate to the College in gratitude for what she calls "the lift-off into a full and interesting life" that Scripps gave her.
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Jennifer Jackson Werner and Derek Werner

Traveling the World, and Staying Close to Scripps

"We were inspired to create our planned gifts with Scripps College when we learned that there was a mechanism that would benefit Scripps, and also help set ourselves up for retirement," Jennie explained during a stop on their most recent adventure. "Establishing a charitable deferred annuity for Scripps allowed us to give generously, knowing that we would have a nice supplement to our retirement income when that time came."
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Rita Eidson DeBoer

Gift Annuity Honors Mother’s Life and Legacy

"When I first arrived at Scripps from Minnesota in September 1971 for freshman orientation, I couldn't believe my luck in landing in such a wonderful place with a generous scholarship," says Rita. "Last year my mother passed away. I created a charitable gift annuity at Scripps in her honor and in gratitude for the generations of donors who sustain Scripps and open doors for women. I hope that my gift will help others find their way to freshman orientation and the many delights of a Scripps education, including the lifelong friendships that I treasure."
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Scripps Classmates Team Up to Make Their Next Reunion Memorable

Each spring, class reunions draw Scripps alumnae back to campus to reconnect with friends, visit favorite courtyards and common rooms, and join activities that celebrate what it means to be a Scripps College graduate.
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Tena Kari Mitchell

A Health Coach Gives Back by Paying It Forward

Tena Kari Mitchell '74 speaks directly and from the heart. A teacher for 32 years and now a certified holistic health coach, Kari has dedicated herself to helping others transform their lives through lifestyle choices. And when it comes to Scripps, she sees an opportunity to transform lives by creating opportunities.
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	Joanna Hamel Dunklee

A Librarian Becomes a Scripps College Benefactor

Having spent 38 years as a professional librarian, Joanna Hamel Dunklee '62 can appreciate a good definition, and she happens to embody that definition perfectly. Joanna recently provided Scripps with an extraordinarily generous gift—her La Cañada home. Joanna's gift provides a wonderful example of how alumnae and friends can use non-cash assets to support Scripps College.
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Elizabeth Cundiff

Giving Back to Scripps (Again and Again!)

“After 30 years in the technology industry, I decided to make a career change. The key factor was a desire to spend my days doing work that is personally meaningful. In my role at Scripps, I focus on engaging with our amazing alumnae and collaborating with colleagues who share a unified commitment to the Scripps mission.”
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Wendy Kulberg

Wendy Tourtellot Kulberg '58

"Why is Scripps College in my will?  I have always been a big supporter of education and appreciated the Humanities education I received at Scripps. I'm also interested in historic preservation and want to help preserve the beautiful Scripps campus by providing funds for the endowment for the grounds."
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Rebecca Harlow Potter

Rebecca Harlow Potter '60

"In my years as a development professional I've learned how important bequests can be to educational institutions. Bequests com in all sizes and every one of them makes a difference in the future financial security of Scripps."
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Leslie Grimes

An Unexpected Gift

Leslie Grimes Kinkaid '82 graduated with a major in history and was an active member of the Scripps community. Although Leslie died much too early, while living she had already made a provision in her will for Scripps College to be a beneficiary of her estate.
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Dr. Kelly Downey '76

Dr. Kelly Downey '76

"As the parents of four children and both physicians, for years the biggest concern my husband and I had when meeting with our attorney to draft a will was always "Who will be their guardian and how can we make sure we have provided for them should something happen to us."
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Ellen Lockert

Ellen Lockert '68

"Women continue to be massively underrepresented as entrepreneurs. I am leaving a bequest to Scripps in my will to support entrepreneurship. It is my hope there would be a time when all Scripps graduates consider the option and rewards of entrepreneurship as a path to self determination."
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Amy Drayer

Amy Drayer ’99

I chose to invest in Scripps through estate planning because I've always believed that giving to Scripps is the most powerful way I can create positive change in our world…
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Marjorie Thompson Burgeson

Marjorie Thompson Burgeson ’50

As a student, Marjorie Thompson Burgeson ’50 benefited greatly from opportunities in the fine arts department. She built rich relationships with faculty mentors, received scholarship aid, and gained valuable experience in a part-time job at the art gallery.
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Ellen Clark Revelle

Ellen Clark Revelle ’31

Ellen Clark Revelle ’31, was the great niece of Ellen Browning Scripps and Board of Trustee member. Her service and support of Scripps College, along with many other philanthropic causes, is legendary.
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Denise Nelson Nash

Denise Nelson Nash ’76

Returning to Scripps in an administrative role has reinforced all the reasons why I give and have given to Scripps since graduation. Experiencing Scripps' growth in stature, impact, and influence in the world on a daily basis provides me with great satisfaction knowing that I am a contributor to this development.
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Evelyn Nelson Senior

Evelyn “Evie” Nelson Senior ’70

I began actively volunteering for Scripps about the time of my 40th reunion, though I had been a regular donor to Scripps since I graduated. As my volunteer work increased with my involvement in Camp Scripps and the class of 1970 reunions I deepened my relationship with the Scripps of today.
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Brooke Tomblin

Brooke E. Tomblin ’92

I want to see more women experience what I appreciated at Scripp – the long stimulating conversations in and out of the classroom, the lasting relationships with other women and professors, and the benefits of a liberal arts education.
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